Single-use solution for contamination-free transfer

      The CRL Single-Use Beta Bag is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for aseptic production processes. This single-use system provides contamination-free transfer of sterile components into isolation or removal of toxic components out of isolation. Used in conjunction with Alpha port systems, sealed containment and sterility of the environment are maintained.

      • 190 mm diameter size available
      • Autoclavable version standard; gamma-sterilizable version available upon request
      • Removable, reusable handle system (required for use)

      The Single-Use Beta Bag system consists of Tyvek® and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bag layers connected to a Beta flange which mates the entire assembly to the Alpha port on an isolator. Once filled with components, these bags can be autoclaved and connected for filling line production. Bag customization is also available to meet specific application needs based on component, processing, and production parameters.


      Improve efficiency, safey, and costs with disposable, single-use technology

      Maximizes productivity by eliminating additional cleaning and labor compared to stainless steel components

      Compatible with CRL or DPTE® XS Alpha ports

      Establishing a higher standard in design, operation, and versatility

      • Safe and reliable aseptic transfer process utilizing Alpha-Beta interlock system
      • Single-use solution for the transfer of stoppers, vials, cleaning supplies, and more
      • Inventory stocked to keep supply levels consistently available, eliminating long lead times


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      CRL Single-Use Beta Bag flyer

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      CRL Single-Use Beta spec sheet

      One-Time Use, Multiple Benefits

      Learn more about how Single-Use Beta Bags can improve efficiency and reduce downtime for aseptic processing.

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      CRL Single-Use Beta white paper