Providing safe transfer options for every application.

      CRL offers a wide variety of standard Beta solutions to transfer products, equipment or waste into and out of isolators or gloveboxes without breaking containment.

      Our goal is to provide safe and efficient transfer solutions for every application need. We specialize in customizing products and developing new products to meet the specific needs of our customers. If your project requires a custom Beta assembly, we can develop a cost-effective solution to help maximize your productivity.

      Available in sizes (mm): 105 | 190 | 270 | 350

      Alpha Sterilizing Cover

      For sterilization of the entire alpha port door, seal, and flange surface (by a VHP process, for example).

      • Containment is maintained while port door is open during sterilization process

      Inside Sleeve Ring Assembly

      For improved low OEL performance in powder-through-port applications.

      • Typically, a flexible chute is attached to allow for the transfer of powder into containers or through to another process vessel
      • Mounts into the alpha port from inside the isolator

      Beta Flange with Tri-Clamp

      For connection of large tanks and process equipment to glovebox or isolator.

      • Charging of formulation tanks and reactors
      • Discharging from process equipment
      • Discharging from dryers
      • Charging of a mill

      Inside Beta Funnel Assembly

      For protection of seal surface during transfer of materials or tools.

      • Mounts into the alpha port from inside the isolator

      Autoclavable Beta Container

      For moist heat sterilization of tools and components to be aseptically transferred into isolation.

      • 1.5 in. Tri-Clamp vent port for use with with 0.2 μm filter and housing
      • Available in 316L Stainless Steel and anodized Aluminum
      • Stainless Steel perforated baskets available to ease unloading and improve sterilization process

      Beta Coupler

      For interconnection of isolators or specialty equipment to a fixed alpha flange on another isolator.

      • For temporary connection of two process isolators

      Beta Bag Flange

      For product and component transfer into or out of the glovebox or isolation in potent applications.

      • Beta Bag Flange used with disposable bags
      • Safe transfer of products, components or tools into or out of toxic containment

      Standard Beta Containers

      For safe and contained transport or storage of product, components, samples, and waste.

      • Gas tight design
      • Multiple materials, sizes and lengths available

      Single-Use Beta Bags

      Single-use solution for contamination-free transfer

      The CRL Single-Use Beta Bag is a safe, efficient, and cost-effective solution for aseptic production processes. This single-use system provides contamination-free transfer of sterile components into isolation or removal of toxic components out of isolation. Used in conjunction with Alpha port systems, sealed containment and sterility of the environment are maintained.

      Download Flyer:
      CRL Single-Use Beta Bag flyer
      Download Spec sheet:
      CRL Single-Use Beta spec sheet

      Sterile Liquid Transfer Ports (SLTP)

      For safe, aseptic, cost-effective transfer of sterile liquid from bulk tank into isolation.

      The Sterile Liquid Transfer Port (SLTP) has been engineered to utilize standard Steam In Place (SIP) processes and CRL’s proven Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) technology to enable efficient aseptic transfer of liquids from sterile product devices through a barrier wall into a clean room or isolator.

      • Multiple use product for low lifecycle cost
      • Minimal disposables adding to your GREEN footprint
      • SIP sterilize with product tank in one cycle

      Download Flyer:
      Sterile Liquid Transfer System Flyer