Providing rapid transfer without breaking containment

      CRL Alpha Ports are available in various sizes and configurations. Ports are typically constructed of stainless steel and have optional door materials available to provide flexibility for various application needs.

      When the Alpha flange is mated with a Beta assembly, products, equipment or waste can be rapidly transferred into and out of isolators or gloveboxes without breaking containment.

      Available standard sizes (mm): 105 | 190 | 270 | 350

      Interlock System

      The CRL Rapid Transfer Port (RTP) features mechanical interlocks that prevent the improper operation of the transfer port which can compromise the containment and sterility of the barrier/isolator. The interlocks are incorporated into the Alpha flange and interface with the alpha port door handle to prevent:

      • The Alpha port door from being opened when a Beta flange has not been docked
      • The Beta flange from being removed from the Alpha flange when the Alpha port door is open
      • The Alpha port door handle from being rotated when the door is open

      Clean Rapid Transfer Port (CRTP)

      The Clean Rapid Transfer Port is the cleanest and most flexible transfer system on the market.

      CRL designed the CRTP as a transfer solution for life science applications where cleanability and cleanliness are critical. The CRTP utilizes the same Double Door Transfer System technology as our previous generation RTPs, but introduces new features for ease of use while offering more flexibility.

      The CRTP design includes a new handle which utilizes minimal handle rotation to break the seal on the beta container, reducing operator effort for safer handling. It also features a streamlined interlock system with interchangeable beta mounts that can be replaced without breaking containment. The design has also been improved to eliminate exposed fasteners and incorporates a smoother surface for easier cleaning.

      Flexible Door Options
      The CRTP is available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the most demanding transfer applications. Door configurations are largely application dependent, and to meet these needs CRL has several options available to provide even more flexibility.

      Doors are available in Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, and Liquid Transfer.

      Available standard sizes (mm): 105 | 190 | 270 | 350

      Download Flyer:
      CRL CRTP Flyer

      Sterilizable Rapid Transfer Ports (SRTP)

      For transfer of materials (stoppers, vials, caps, etc.) into a sterile isolator or aseptic barrier system requiring a high sterility assurance level.

      The Sterilizable Rapid Transfer Port (SRTP) is a Double Door system featuring CRL’s patented dry heat technology. Unlike UV sterilization techniques, our dry heat sterilization method eliminates concerns often associated with contaminated seals resulting from inconsistent aseptic wiping or shadowing and stacking.

      An electric heater is installed in the alpha flange at the intersection of the seals (high temperature zone). This critical zone is heated to 190° C and held for a predetermined time after Alpha & Beta are docked. Independent tests have shown that a 6-log microbial reduction can be achieved at the sealing surfaces of the SRTP.

      RTP Flexible Mounts

      For use where connection alignment is difficult CRL Rapid Transfer Ports can be used with flexible membrane mounts and rotating alpha or beta flanges to enable the connection of large containers or process.