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      CRL – Central Research Laboratories

      With 75 years of experience, CRL is a global leader in the remote handling industry.

      Central Research Laboratories (CRL) is an engineering and manufacturing company that has been developing remote handling solutions, including Telemanipulators, Transfer Systems, and Glove Ports, for 75 years. Our innovative technologies promote operator safety and efficiency in Nuclear and Life Science applications around the world. CRL works directly with its customers to identify the best solutions, from standard product offerings to customized development, ensuring the best solution possible for safe and confident handling – for every application need.



      Telemanipulators allow operators to perform work remotely in high radiation or hazardous environments.


      Transfer Systems

      Safe and reliable transfer of hazardous material or sterile components into or out of isolation without breaking containment.


      Glove Ports

      Glove Ports are used to handle hazardous or sterile material in an isolated environment.


      ERTP Rapid Transfer Port

      CRL designed the ERTP as a transfer solution for Life Science applications where cleanability and cleanliness are critical.